Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Are you free to fly without limits?

How would you rate the level of partner stunting in Singapore? How do we stand when compared to other countries? I guess we all sort of know the answer by now. We are really pretty poor.

Is it because we have weak bases in general?
I mean look at the size of the caucasians, it is in their genes to be bigger sized than us. Then some may say that Taiwanese are asians like us, but are also very good. Well true enough, but those elites are all very well built and tough too.

Well if by now you are still in the hallucination that size and strength does not matter, it is time to wake up. It is true that I always tell people there are exceptions when it comes to size, such as people like Xiao Gao from Taiwan, but there are no exceptions when it comes to strength. For his small size, he has tremendous amount of strength and power. So in order to boost our standards, we all got to become bigger, and more importantly stronger.

Another reason I think we are lacking in the partner stunts segment is because teams in Singapore do not focus as much on partner stunts. We focus alot on other things such as elevators and pyramids. I am not saying this is not good, but it is the reason why we do not focus much on partner stunts, because the basics is not there yet for partner stunting. Then how about those that already have the overall basics and general strength?

Recently I have been trying to list out in my mind who are these people, those that I know, who are ethusiatic and ready for much more intensive partner stunts training. I realised one thing, they are everywhere. Then one might say just gather all of them and start training and improve the standards. However this is easier said than done.

Afterall, each one comes from their own team, and has responsibilities and duties in their different teams, and they are usually the leaders. Even if some come from within the same team, they cannot just focus on partner stunts among the few of them; they still have to look after the rest and progress together. This is the reason why there seemed to be a lack of partners in the partner stunting arena, alot of people are looking out for a partner in vain, although there are enough flyers and bases to go around.

It is an idealistic dream that one day, everyone of these people can put aside everything and differences, to just focus on partner stunting altogether, to put up a routine like the "I611". However we all do know the constraints.

Hmm... I wonder how many "freelancers" are out there now.....

P.S: BTW this is the 100th post for year 2008

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