Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today, 05/11/08, is 3 years since our partnership and 2 years 3 months since the formation of X-Wonder. No X-Skills Intermediate 6 still or elaborate celebration photos, due to it being in the midst of Snow's exams preparations. Wish her all the best and good luck in her exams, and then join me back in training soon.

So just to commemorate the occasion a little, I decided to dig out some old videos and photos to make a short clip.

So is cupie that amazing anymore? I guess now (esp after seeing the video) the answer to all is NO! It is a simple stunt. If you are stuck at just doing hands to cupie and taking 3 seconds photographs, it is time to move on, or just remain in mediocrity. Toss Cupie should become a basic, and then soon a simple stunt.

P.S: We have so many mass cupie photos, lets take a mass Toss Cupie video one day for a change.

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