Thursday, January 17, 2008

Warm ups

The warm ups for training are getting really tough these days. After some basic stretching, we will start shuttle running to, 20 metres and fro, 20 metres. Then at the end of each run, we will start with toss up hands.

We do this run and toss up hands 5 times. Then we procede to toss up hands liberty after each run. We do this for another 20 sets. So its a total of 25 sets of 40 metres, which adds up to 1 km, and 25 toss up hands, 20 single liberty.

We work in pairs, so one base one flyer run and stunt together, then the other pair help to spot. So we will take turn to run and stunt. If at the end of each run, you fail the stunt, you have to keep doing till you hit it.

This warm up is really super tiring, but at the same time very satisfying, after you completed the 25 laps. I find it really useful, as it really trains you to use the right technique each time, and it simulates the actual tiredness you will feel in the routine. Looking foward to the next run...

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