Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I said its time for me to go back to the days where I try to stunt with every flyer. I had been doing that on a consistent basis for the last quarter of the year and now I am beginning to be able to see the fruits of labour. You do not get to see the effect straight away, but over time you will feel it.

A large part of my improvement I also have to attribute to doing of handstands. Ever since they break for exams last year November, I started to put in real hardwork on my handstands. I knew that it was my left hand that was weaker, hence other than handstands, I also kept doing arnold presses for my left hand. Everyday, repeatedly practicing hours of handstands and arnold presses, I slowly am able to do handstand walk. Then over the months, handstands walk and turn 180, then slowly will procede to handstands pushups without assistance.

My main objective initially to strengthen my left arm is to do left cupie, but what I did not realise then was that in strengthening my left arm, my liberty improved alot also. Now I finally am able to see the importance of training both arms at the same time, not just focus on the master arm. This is the only way one can progress to more advance stunts such as full around, tick tock, full ups.

Another part of my improvement have to be down to the increase in strength of my hamstrings and butt muscles. Not only did they become stronger, my knee pain also reduced because of the stronger hamstrings. I did not purposely go to the gym to train up on them, all I did was climb the stairs to work at my work place. I work at a 4 storey building with no lift, and on the average each day I at have to climb up at least 4 times. The only difference in climbing the stairs normally was that I focused on my hamstrings and butt by leaning back slightly and walk up in a very up right posture. This posture when done well is very beneficial to doing any toss up or press up stunts.

In summary, training with different flyers, doing handstands and climbing up the stairs are the basis for the improvements I made in these few months. It can be a long process, people might give up halfway when they do not see the immediate effects, but I endured and perservered. Hope to be able to showcase some new moves soon.

X-Wonder GO!

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