Monday, January 21, 2008

Lost and Found

In doing an action or gymnastics, when you just started trying, you are very brave to try. After a few failed attempts, you are still undetered and carried on trying. It is only when you failed and also injured yourself at the same time, then you will begin to think twice. Then as you get injured more often, you will start to think thrice, four times and till you just keep thinking, and stopped doing.

Then you decide to give yourself a break. After maybe about 1 month's break, you decide to heck la, give it a go again. Then you realised that your body actually retains the feeling, and even adjust it such that it felt better unknowilling. The fear of injury in your mind also seems to fade away a little. You kept training again, but then the process started again. The more you do, the more the fear begin to creep in again, and your body stops listening to you again. This constant cycle keeps repeating itself, the lost and found feeling. One day you lost it, then after a while, you found it back.

I guess taking breaks is very impt for the body, muscle and mind, consolidating all the training, input and infomation, to coordinate the mind and movement. When you are not feeling good some days, stop doing, let your body and mind take a break. If you carry on doing, your body will only remember the bad feeling, which you do not want.

This is what I found out in the past and experienced it again recently. I thought I had sealed my ROBHS, or even my BHS since after cheerobics 2007. Indeed I stopped doing them for almost a year now, and focused on doing BT and ROBT instead. But recently, there appears to be a need for me to do ROBHS again, and without much hesitation this time round, I did a few BHS, then I decide to attempt the ROBHS. It turned out better than I had expected. I guess my body has since retained the muscle memory and it was just kept dormant inside me, waiting to be called upon. I guess it is also due to the BT and ROBT training I had. Somehow, they fortified and reinforced my BHS and ROBHS feeling.....

When I just started learning the BT, I kept doing it like a BHS, jumping back alot. Then after I got used to jumping up more, and mastering the BT, I totally lost my BHS. I tried BHS, but I kept jumping too high and not back enough, and my body was curled up badly. I stopped doing BHS for a while, and totally focus on my BT. Then one day, after a long break again from BHS, and when my BT was real confident, I tried BHS again. It was not very good at first, but I start to get it back slowly. Then at the end of the day, I tried doing a BT, and not to my surprise, the BT had a BHS feeling about it, as I was jumping too back. However I could still do both, but not as confident in each.

Then with each trial and training, the BHS influenced the BT, and the BT influenced the BHS, slowly they begin to morph and took the best of each requirements to do whatever is needed. For example, in the past my BHS lacked the height, but now, I am able to use the height I got from doing BT to incorporate it to my BHS, at the same time retaining my BHS form. Same goes for my BT, incorporating the shoudlers pull back of BHS for doing my BT.

After lots of training and also rest, my body is now able to call upon either "power" at will now (becoming Peter Pretrelli... haha). BHS and BT no longer hinder each other, but they have "evolved" to aid and benefit each other. The constant lost and found when doing gymnastics, I guess is not bad afterall. It is just a process of your body and mind learning and adapting. Having a rest or a break at times will let you rediscover the feeling.

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