Sunday, April 1, 2012

BPoM 3rd entry for April'12

The 3rd entry of BPOM January is by Perle and tagged by Ochi for another post on NUS Alpha Verve Road to Nationals 2012.

A little abstract from the post.

"Cliche as it sounds (do pardon me here), the journey to this Nationals definitely wasn't easy. Sweat, tears, pain and blood were shed and shared as we encountered many obstacles and suffered countless injuries along the way. However, the team spirit, joy, laughter and experiences shared together and the bond formed between us definitely made everything worthwhile. I would say that almost all of us gained something out of this journey - we've mastered more stunts, became physically fitter and more importantly, emerged mentally stronger as Cheerleaders and individuals.

Also, super proud of the achievements we've attained!"
- Perle

Check out the post below for more photos and highlights.

Check out the post by Perle and tagged by Ochi: 3rd BPoM April entry or here

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