Tuesday, April 24, 2012

BPoM 1st entry for May'12

The 1st entry of BPOM May is by Ochi. In this post Ochi is discussing about Pareto's Principle aka as the 80/20 rule. Ochi's aim is whereby we can all create a 100/200 rule, whereby 100% of your organization generates more than 200% of your output.

A little abstract from the post.

"The wisdom of chop sticks say that if you guys stick together, its hard to be broken. As we have seen or know, a bunch of chopsticks all made of wood would still be far stronger than a bunch of chopsticks comprised of gold, stone and wood. Why is that so, because a structure of different densities is definitely weaker than a structure that is homogeneous." - Ochi

Check out the post below for more insights by Ochi.

Check out the post by Ochi: 1st BPoM May entry or here

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