Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BPoM 2nd entry for May'12

2nd Blog Post of the Month May is a post by Elvie Na. This is a post about her experiences and thoughts on SNCC 2012.

Some words from the Elvie Na:

"still, it the process that counts. and honestly, i really love this team alot, loved all that we've been through. i love this routine because it gave me many opportunities and challenged me a lot. i am proud of what we've accomplished. deep down in our hearts, we know what we really deserved, the spirit of champions.
i wouldn't want any other team but kr steppers.
it's been an awesome and remarkable journey, whether this is my closing chapter or not, at least i know, that we made it this far. i've made it this far.
- Elvie Na

Everyone is a winner in their own rights. To have the blessing to be able to stand on the blue mats amd perform your routine for 2.30mins is already to me the most wonderful moment of one's life. My 2.30 mins had so far been the most memorable 2.30mins of my life so far that I could still remember.

Check out the post by Elvie Na: 2nd BPoM May entry or here

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