Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SG Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders who came into my life at any point of time, regardless of the duration, everyone made a change and impact on me in big and small ways (Those with blogs I know of, may be still active blogs or inactive ones)...
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Awesome: From the ranks of Hall Cheerleading to World Cheerleading; Cupie/Pop Over King

Heidi: Half of GPIGs

Kah Weng: When you finally decide to join ACES; you found your greatest passion

Li Jing: One of my favorite Hall 4 cheerleader

Lixiang: Friendly, Fun loving and Direct

MDK: A group of "talk cok sing song play MJ" cheerleaders from all walks of life

Minghui: Great as mid base, flair for stunts and great tumbler

Qiuyan: Top flyer and great dancer

Ruth: Email "kaki" at work

Shuning: My first batch of junior in ACES, 1 of ACES grand senior and made big contributions to the of start of ACES rise to become one of the best team in SG. All the best to your future and continue to support cheerleading =)

Ya Yun: My partner stunt partner for my last Cheerobics 2008

Yilyn: Finally found your blog, haha. A super lively, bubbly, open gal cheerleader. Very good in her language such as Jap and also some @$#% =)

Yirong: First few people who taught me about gymnastics

Yuen Bo: Best Gymnast in ACES to grace the mats of sports hall 1


Candy: Small and cute flyer who always tries her best to improve

Chaang Ru: First person to tell me how many grams of fats there is in a can of coke

Small Gary: Small guy with big dreams

Geraldine: Heard you are overseas now. All the best to your future and may you continue to cheer

Huishan: First knew you as the cousin of Shufen. In my opinion this girl works hard and put in her all for cheerleading. The most improved cheerleader of the team to me, since the first time I see you trained back in 2008

Jasmine: A flyer I know who will achieve greatness the first time I met her

Jayson: Very nice and humble person; national group stunt champion:- a great future lies ahead for you

Joanna: Did not get to stunt with you much, but a great top flyer you are. Love your full ups

Ka Hau: Think it was really by fate that we got to first meet in NYP

Ken: Guy who is obsessed with beating me in handstand

Regine: My partner for the first Cheerobics that we got champions; my first time doing toss to hands in a routine

Simin: Still remembered the happiness when the first time I did cupie with you

Vincent: This guy is one of the pioneer pioneer of cheerleader. Great player and continues to strive for excellence. As a coach, he is one of the best in the industry; got the whole package from stunts, dance, jumps, cheer, arm motions, ribbons, uniforms, music, etc. You can expect him to produce the results

Wei Hoe: I never fail to feel younger around you; always game for a back tuck

Winston: Very happy, fun loving and funny guy, never see you lost your temper even a bit before. Young and strong cheerleader; bench presses over 100kg

Yan Heng: A very self motivated and talented base; you improved by a great deal since we first met. Keep up the work to become an all rounded cheerleader


BB: One of the flyers that I had great admiration for; the kind that stands out immediately when I first met you

Harlis: One of the very powerful base in Singapore

Pamela: I remembered I still did not succeed a toss liberty with you since the last time we stunted

Sharon: I can still remember you were my partner during a partner stunt segment in our joint performance few years back; it's been quite some time

Sky: Hey, you are getting better and better in cheerleading since I last saw you stunt; will meet up with you when the time is right ok, you know what I mean

Wei Wei: First flyer to do Pop Over with a Singapore Base

Xinyi: I remembered the few times we used to chat on MSN, was really great chatting with you


Citra: A always hyper cheerleader, one of the strongest and most flexible mid tier, excellent dancer and also the few SG Cheer female who tumbles; put all that together - a great cheerleader

Jay: First met when you were in Magnum, now you have become an important base in Legacy. Great cheerleader and great job for Nationals Group Stunts this year. Continue to support VoM ok. =)

Michelle: It's been a long while since I stunted with you, but I can tell that you have improved tremendously from photos and videos; would love to stunt with you again someday

Superman: Heard of this guy before I actually met him; that is how great a person Andra is in SG Cheer


Jiahui: Heard of you and was very impressed by your gymnastics before I actually officially got to know you when we decided to compete in CWC together. Hope you can continue to train hard and show your immense potential

Melissa: (Thought I should add more cheerleaders' blog from KR other than Jiahui's, so went exploring Jiahui's blog and got this link). Got to stunt with you a few times; remembered we did toss cupie. Very good and flexible flyer, my pleasure to stunt with you

Shiqi: (Got your link from JH's blog too). Seen you around cheer for some time, but only got to tried some toss to hands, toss to extension with you recently; the few times I went down to KR. Jiayou

Xinyi: Love your tosses and tumbling. Don't know if you remembered, I did a few Btoss with you as backspot during KRWC exchange. Glad to have spotted you for trying your FHS too


Karrie: Nice to meet you at NUS the other day. Work hard and you too can become a great cheerleader

Shermeeny: First got to know you when Ken brought you along for our gymming session. Then got to see you a couple more times and even got a chance to stunt with you. Very determined gal, the way I see you gymed the other day, work hard and listen to your coach Ken and you will have a great future ahead


Ainslie: A flyer I just got to know recently, another 1 of those that has full of potential to become truly exceptional if you train hard and train right

Clement: You have great tumbling skills and will become a great base, great cheerleader and also a great guy

Huimin: Only met you once, but from that I can tell you can become a very good mid-tier with your determination and strength

Kathe: Remembered I first stunted with you and we did arabesque, liberty and cupie in one go. You have a cheerful and lively personality too, the most important attribute of a cheerleader

Lydia: I think you were trained as a mid-tier, but you definitely have the qualities as a top too. Hope you enjoyed doing the toss up Swedish falls, which you got on your 1st try, and also 2-2-1 and gladiator. Good partner stunting too

Poh Kang: You are a nice and humble person, someone always willing to learn and help. You are definitely going to captain Gusto to greater heights. It’s really nice knowing and chatting with you

Rachel: First met you sometime last year and then got to do some stunts with you like toss cupie. Then recently got to do stunts with you again and I must say that your jumping has really improved significantly. Fun to be with person, hope to see more of you and Dominic stunting

Shihui: First impression of you was when I saw you mid-tier, very strong and solid; the kind flyers will feel very safe in your hands. Heard you are graduating soon, but hope that your passion in cheer carries on, if not it is a real pity for cheerleading to lose someone like you

Tinglei: A petite cheerleader, great flyer to stunt with. Congratulations for getting your full up 2-2-1 on the first attempt. Though we did not get the full up gladiator that time, but I hope to see you doing it in the next nationals

Weihan: You must be the most talented 17 year old base I have met in cheerleading so far. Toss cupie, pop over, tick tock all mastered within the space of a few months. Train even harder and you can become a truly magnificent base in future. Also work on your tumbling to become a true all rounder

Vanessa: Stunted with you a bit during the first time I went down to Gusto. Hope you are still cheering and doing fine now

Yiqian: If I did not get it wrong, you were trained as a girl base, but you really did a great job being a mid-tier the other day, which is not an easy transition. Hope to see more of you in future


Careen: Hey, Met once I recall when I went down to Magnum. Keep on working hard

Fadzli: All the best for the future, till we have the chance to see again

Hwee Peng: A great MF top flyer. I love the way you are always very cheerful and laughing when you do stunts. Hope to stunt with you again

Hwele: Though we meet only once at MF training, I feel you are a very joyful, outgoing gal to be around

Rachel: My first thought was you are so small. A flyer with lots of potential if you continue to work hard

Siwei: Met once also during the time I went down to MF. You have a good stunt feel and will definitely grow to become a very good MF cheerleader

Yvonne: I am always very impressed by your full up 2-2-1, it is seems so effortless and you spined up so gracefully. Great partner stunter too, hope to see more of your videos in future again.


Karen: This girl must be one of the most amazing girl bases around. I remembered in the past how tiny you were, and then suddenly, you grew and grew and become a damn zai base. Eh brother you still owe us a cupie as flyer hor.

Kyra: I remembered the first time I met you, you told us that you like our Full Up to Hands. First impression - sweet gal, dance very well and have great jumps.

Work in progress, more teams' coming soon

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jing said...

STAR SHIFU! haven seen you in ultra mega super duper long time. but i just saw ur latest photo on fb. haha. r u looking younger?? :P

actually wad i wanna say is.. despite e not too long duration, u made really really BIG impact on my life. THANK YOU for everything. always remembered.

take care!!


*star* said...


Yea we haven met for a long time.

Thanks for saying I look younger. haha. I think it is because I lost quite a bit of weight.

It is always my pleasure to help people, especially someone as determined and dedicated as you.

I am really glad that I had made an impact.

Stay always cheerful and all the best to your future. Take Care.