Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Never Ending Project

Blogs are a great place to share our ideas and also connect with people we know.

After chatting with Giappy and R of RnA Bulldogs yesterday; it dawned upon me to come up with a "project" to link all the cheerleaders I know to X-Wonder blog. I already have a list of links for all the SG Cheer Teams (that I know have a website), now it's time to link the SG Cheerleaders (at one point or another) whom I have the pleasure of meeting. Note: "SG Cheerleaders" does not refer to the nationality; but rather more of those doing cheerleading in Singapore.

I know this sounds like no big deal to everyone, but it is a huge task for an "IT Idiot" like me. As I do not wish to flood my side bar, so I shall link them in the form of a Post. I hope that the list can keep expanding, which means there are more and more new cheerleaders in Singapore and it also means that cheerleading is growing in Singapore.

SG Cheerleaders -----------> Check link at side bar
(May take some time to come up with the list, and will constantly update as I go along.)

P.S: I may not know everyone's blog, but I will try to find them from links here and there. Please suggest to me too if there are blogs which I do not know of, and did not include. Also in the case that you do not wish to be linked, or want the link removed, please let me know and I will gladly accede to your request.

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