Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I want to learn break dancing

Last night was a great inspiration to me.

Sometimes I look in amazement at break dancers doing their thing; how they can bounce from 1 arm to the other and then spin in circles effortlessly.

My own definition of break dancers is: people who dance on handstands.

Trust me that these people do not have a master hand or weaker hand, they are equally good with both.

Watching him perform his skills, shifting weight from 1 arm to the other, brings my mind back to the past where I was still struggling to even hold a normal handstand for a few seconds. I cannot stress enough of the importance of having a balance between your right hand and your left hand.

Below is a post I wrote almost 2 years ago now during the times when I was still struggling with my handstands:

Click Here

P.S: At this stage, even being only able to pick up just 1 new thing/thought/or idea each time is going to be very valuable.

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