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I consider myself still very young in life's long road ahead of me. Although 27 years is not considered a very long time, there were still many big decisions that I had make along the way. Every such decisions are life changing; you will never know what will become of you if you had made a different choice back then. For example, what will happen if you had chosen a different secondary school, or a different JC/Poly, or a different Uni. The different friends that you may meet, and the different activities that you will engage in.

When it comes to big decisions, one may consult in their family and friends before making the final decision. But what are big decisions? For me, I feel that decisions which you had to stick with for a substantial period of your life constitute to a big decision. Back in school days, those decisions included which schools you want to join, because once you chosen it, it will be where you will be spending most of your time for the next 4 years for Sec, 2-3 years for high school, and another 3-4 years for Uni. And now in my career, big decisions include which line of work to choose, which company to join, which jobs to do, etc.

For us, such big decisions are key milestones in our lives and many more are waiting to made. These are the kind of typical, traditional "big decisions"; such as school, work, house, marriage, kids and so on. We sort of already knew when the time comes, we have to make such a decision. However, have you thought about the smaller decisions in life, those that does not fall within the so called "big decisions", those that you never knew would become a part of a bigger picture?

Some decisions may seemed small, that you thought probably will be a one time thing, but such decisions can actually end up becoming a large part of your life inadvertently. When you make a decision, sometimes it takes years, maybe decades for you to realise the full magnitude of that "small decision". For me I had made one such decision before in my life, and that "small decision" leads on to another and then another and then snowballed into one unforgettable, major part of my life now.

That small little decision that I had made was to follow my friend, my senior, then later my mentor, to take a look at Hall 4 HO cheerleading training in 2003. It probably also took alot of fate to bring us together into NTU out of 3 University in Singapore, and then into that 1 hall out of 15 halls in NTU and then into the same block and same level out of 6 different blocks. However, after that nothing was fated, it was all his hard work that pushed Hall 4 to join HO cheerleading that year, after they almost decide to pull out, and it was also his efforts in getting people to join.

His name is Calvin Teo. He would always come to my room, or we would go out for supper, and we became friends. It was through our friendship, and his psyching and persuading, that I decided to go down to take a look after my exams. After the first session, where he taught me a few basics, such as elevator and shoulder sit, I got a clearer picture of the situation our hall was in; if we do not have enough people, we will have to pull out, which would be a very big thing then as all halls always participated. Well I made another decision and that is to help them for the HO performance.

Calvin Teo, the guy I owe my cheerleading career to.

We trained hard for 1 week, yes just 1 week, no more or no less, to put up our HO Cheerleading 2004 performance. You can take a look at the video below; for those younger ones, you probably will laugh(saying you can train that in a few minutes)and for those older ones, it will probably bring back some memories of the good old days. Well we all had fun, even though we got last, but the main thing is at least we tried and did not pull out.

Team Hall 4 in HO Cheerleading 2004. (Me at the extreme right standing)

My first ever performance.

Hall 4 HO Cheerleading 2004 (probably the one and only you can ever find on the web)

After HO 2004, Calvin continued to pass on his passion for cheerleading to me. He asked me if I was interested to join Cheerobics 2004. Calvin Teo was one of the important pioneers for NTU ACES, the unsung heroes behind all the glamour NTU ACES is receiving now. After HO, I got a taste of what cheerleading is about, but I would not say that I had developed a passion for it. I liked more about the interaction amongst the team, the fun that we had together during training. So when Calvin asked me to join Cheerobics 2004 with NTU ACES, I was not so sure still. However after some persuading, telling me it is a good oportunity to get more hall allocation points and to know more people, especially more girls(haha), I made another "small decision" to follow him.

Together with another friend of mine from Hall 4, Weipin, we went with Calvin to join Cheerobics 2004. To me then it was more of just joining Cheerobics and not joining ACES; ACES was just a name to me then. But as if it was fated, one small decision leads to another, and before I know or even think about it, I am in NTU ACES for more than 5 years; the only place I can call home, the best team in Singapore currently.

Training with ACES for Cheerobics 2004 was fun, and I got to try alot of new things as compared to HO Cheerleading (can tell from the above HO video), and that was also when I met Ian & Zhaoming, the only few still around till now. In ACES, we were all new to the cheer scene, we do not know about teams like Magnum, Vespers, Denvers, etc, who were in the business for very long already. The prelims were a eye opener, Magnum was superb and we were like noobs. In the end, the finals we manage to get 2nd after Magnum. We were all very happy, like one big family.

My journey in cheerleading then carried on from the moment we lift that trophy, one small decision at a time. Without going to see HO training, I would not have joined, without joining HO, I would not have joined Cheerobics 2004, Without joining Cheerobics with ACES, I would not have seen the other magnificent teams out there, without seeing those teams, I would not have a bigger picture and understanding of cheerleading, and without that understanding, I would not be inspired to carry on... I would not have won my first Cheerobics... I would not have did my first cupie... so and so on.

Cheerobics 2004 Prelims. Simple but nice.

The Finals.

Final pyramid in my first competition.

1st Runner Up trophy. (Lets hope not to see the "Runner Up" word ever again)

It all starts with that small decision I made that change my whole life now, I cannot imagine what kind of life I would be leading now if cheerleading is not in the picture. Ever since 2003, cheerleading had been part of my life, and for the last 5 years, each day will not pass without cheerleading stuff running through my mind. Cheerleading has given me so much that it is not possible to list out everything. That small decision had to be the best decision I ever made up to now.

I would like to thank Calvin so much, for being the man that made so much difference to my life than he can imagine. I guess my increase in passion for cheerleading is such a gradual thing, and had I not stop and look back now, I would not have realised that if I had to pick the one single person that is responsible for it, Calvin is the man.

I really want to take this opportunity to thank Calvin, and also share with everyone about my friend, mentor and Shifu. In his time as a cheerleader, he is a very fit and strong base with a very nice temper; always putting the team before self. A very nice and helpful friend, always never rejects anyone in need. He is one of the lesser known early pioneer of ACES Cheerleading; someone who had done so much for cheer, than he was ever known and acknowledged for.

The man.

To Calvin:

(Dun think you visit this blog, but if you ever read it...) I thank you for showing me what cheerleading is all about, and for bringing me into the sport. You are my first teacher and will be always. I learnt my first ever cheerleading skill from you, without that, I will not have been able to do the stunts I am doing now. Thank you. Although we did not contact for quite some time, I will not forget the times we break into SRC together and "borrowed" mats, and also all the stupid things that we did, etc, etc. You really did made a very big impact in my life, much more than you know it. Really thank you, so much more than the words have to say.


Calvin, Weipin (as mentioned above, my earliest comrade in cheer) , Myself.

Calvin on elevator. The first stunt he taught me.

Calvin with BU flyer during Cheerobics 2004

Calvin, with all the early pioneers of ACES taking photo with me after Cheerobics 2007.

(Also the last time I saw you.)

P.S: You once thanked me for helping out in Hall 4 HO Cheer '04. Now I have this to say back to you,"No, do not thank me. I thank you so much for that."

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