Wednesday, May 13, 2009


When 元大鹰 was young, his grandma never allowed him to play basketball or even get near a ball. Her only wish and hope was for him to master 岚蝶划云游身步 in future.

岚蝶划云游身步 is a very powerful skill of dribbling a basketball, that you can defend and attack at the same time with zero loophole.

“就好像练高超极限的武功招式,最适合的人选就是不懂武功之人”This was what the master said.

To be truely magnificent, to master great skills, it is best to start with zero knowledge, an empty mind.

So when the time is ripe, when the right teaching comes your way or when it is time to learn the 绝世武功; only then with a "mind of a newborn", is it possible to absorb every minor little details without any rejection from your mind because of what you learnt and experienced before.

P.S: Forget what you learnt about toss to hands...

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