Monday, May 18, 2009

Being Satisfied

I mentioned in my earlier post last week: Life is full of paradox; one reason why, in my opinion, is because humans are never satisfied.

So is never being satisfied something good or bad? I believed that this is one of the very important traits of human beings; it got us from being a cave man to where we are now. If humans are always satisfied, records will not be broken, innovation will not happen, and life will not be changed.

We should all always strive to be better, not get satisfied with what we already achieved. Being never satisfied indeed can bring us further, but only if it is still in your own control.

P.S: The difference is to be able to acknowledge, appreciate and give thanks to whatever you had achieved; before you continue to strive for more. If you cannot enjoy and appreciate the moment when you achieved something, that is when this trait has gone overboard.

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