Sunday, January 4, 2009

Toss to Hands Finally

This was me doing my first toss to hands in 2004. (This indeed literally was my first successful TTH, very coincidentally got recorded down) Notice how low and unstable it was, and then the single extension was even worse, so unsure, wobbly and tilting.

Alot of you who know me in cheer, know me for who I am now, probably in your mind I am a guy who can do toss extension, cupies etc. What you all do not know or see often is my humble beginnings as a noob. It was through sheer hardwork and many sacrifices to get to where I am now.

Sometimes it is good to get back down to earth, really work hard and not think that this comes easy, or I am lousy or not progressing.

P.S: Only those who started out before or with me know what it truely meant, the pure joy and happiness of being able to do toss to hands then. Appreciate and not take it for granted.


*star* said...

8 months into cheer, and "still" doing like this. But determintion never dies.

bunnyechoes said...

Just when I need something like that. A proof that it CAN be done. So many years in cheerleading and 2 years of inconsistent practising as a flier ... If I am able to do a toss chair and "stand" quite decently in hands (walk to hands) and liberty, then why couldn't I learn toss hands, too? :)