Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hall 4 HO 2009 Cheerleading

This blog was meant to be more about partner stunts training and experiences, but this shall be an exception, because I am very proud of Hall 4 cheerleading this HO. You guys did a good job on the mats out there, despite the last minute injury to Lijing, and we had to change the whole routine in 3 days. All of you stepped up to the challenge and still made it possible to put up this routine, without lowering the level of the stunts much.

I want to thank all of Hall 4 cheerleaders once again, and hope that you guys and gals enjoyed yourself tonight and also in the course of the 1 month training. A big thanks to Hall 4 pub for doing a good job with the plycards and banner. We would also like to thank all those who had played a part in helping out with the stunts and routine training, Vincent, ZL and friends, and also Chaang for the music.

Though we did not win anything, but I am sure you guys will be proud of yourself when you watch the routine once more. One last time, "break on 4; 1, 2, 3. 4!"

This routine is dedicated to Lijing, for her hardwork and example as a Co.Captain during the entire HO season. Hope you get well soon and start flying again.


chaang said...

Great routine !! I'm very glad the music fitted in so well! Good job hall 4 !

Vince Fok said...

It was a pleasure to help out.. more like kay poh for me la~ heh~
Hope u guys had a great experience cheering!

jing said...

hello star shifu! happy lunar new year!! i'm gg back to train today le! cya soon=)