Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This shall be the last post of 2008.

It had been overall a good year for me in terms of cheerleading wise. The year started with Cheerobics training and HO training. I just got the hang of my job as an engineer, although timings are regular, not much OT, but it was still tough to be a "office boy" in the day and a "super hero" at night. My body was battered to its limits with not enough time to rest and recuperate, don't think anyone can understand how it felt.

At least all the hard work was rewarded by winning Cheerobics the third time in a row. The feeling was amazing. Not to mention that we even got 3rd for group stunt category. Just when we all thought that everything was over, we got the chance to go Japan again to compete in CAIO. It was back to trainings again, though not as tough, as we already had the routine up already, we had various other challenges to face.

After CAIO, it was the end of my competitive days with ACES. I had more time to rest, and my body was able to fully recuperate, except for the busted knee in a moment of foolishness in Japan. Began to start venturing fully into partner stunting. Was able to accomplish stunts such as Full-up, Full-around and Pop overs.
During this time, I also got to interact quite a bit with players from various squads, I enjoyed the process of sharing of knowledge.

Looking forward to more challenges in the coming year 2009, which will begin almost immediately with Inter Hall Cheerleading Competition. Hope I can find the strength somewhere to maintain my "super hero" lifestyle, admidst the huge increase in workload, and to stay healthy. You have yet to see the last of X-Wonder.

Wish everyone out there a Happy New Year, and may all your dreams come true.

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