Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Awesome WPSL

It started with WPSL, then WPA aka Awesome, now he is simply Awesome WPSL, an elite in Singapore. From humble beginnings at NTU HO level for 2 years, he took a step up to participate at national level, and then at international level, and never look back since.

Well known for being a sturdy shoulder stand base, and very strong in partner stunting; but weighing in at 90 kilos, one would never thought that this man is also very talented in gymnastics. It took about 2 years for him to finally get his ROBT, making him an all-rounded cheerleader, and hence definitely put him at the top of Singapore's all time best male cheerleader list.

Its all about perseverance; with the right company and environment, and with proper guidance, nothing is impossible. Now he is ready for a skill tape of his own. A gift from me for completing his ROBT, presenting to you all, AWESOME WPSL!!!

P.S: If you tell me weight is a problem, I will get him to shut your mouth up. No excuses please, only do it or don't.


wpsl said...

I am speechless and couldn't be more grateful to my shifu

WengWeng said...

how zai!!!...

My only excuse is I not as zai as AWESOME WPSL!!!

I need to go and cement my wrist first....and do more partner stunt wahahhahaha