Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BPoM 2nd entry for June'12

2nd Blog Post of the Month June is a post by NYP Grizzlers and tagged by Fairul. This is a post about their "NYP Club Crawl" journey. NYP Club Crawl is NYP's their recruitment fair and Grizzlers put up a great performance for it.

Check out the post for the tough journey that they have been through, the difficulties that they had to endure and then finally the great routine put up; nice pictures and the video can also be seen from the post.

Some words from the post:

"We have come so far, so very far. Now its really up to us to make sure the spirit, the drive, the determination, and the passion lives on and let Grizzlers keep on growing! We are finally recognized in school now. People know Grizzlers and are talking about us. be it good or bad people know we exist. We are not the best in Singapore, but we will work hard to get there. at least now the school knows us. and some people in the cheer scene too! so happy to know that we are slowly getting support and fans from our very own local cheer scene! at least we not so lonely anymore. heehee. We have cheer friends already!!!" - Grizzlers

Check out the post by NYP Grizzlers and tagged by Fairul: 2nd BPoM April entry or here

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