Sunday, May 13, 2012

BPoM 1st entry for June'12

The 1st entry of BPOM June is by Ochi. Ochi's 5 rep max challenge. Great initiative started by Ochi. Ochi has establised himself as the leading fitness guru and supplier of nutrition products in the cheerleading community. If you need any tips on how to train and what to feed yourself, go look for him. Ochi will be able to help you achieve your dream stunt and shorten the learning curve for a cheerleader greatly.

Basically this challenge set by Ochi requires one to go to the gym and video down themselves doing a 5 rep maximum for deadlifts, squats, standing military presses, and flat bench presses; which we shall call the 4 core exercise. After recording down the video, pls kindly tag Ochi on facebook. Deadline is 30 June 2012 and winner will stand to win a 5 pounds Myoblaster protein.

For detailed information pls check out the post by Ochi (links below).

Check out the post by Ochi: 1st BPoM June entry or here

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