Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BPoM 2nd entry for April'12

2nd Blog Post of the Month April is a post by Matthew. This is a post about his thoughts on SNCC 2012.

Some words from the Matthew:

"Cheerleading is a sport that promotes teamwork and leaderships at its finest. There might be many who beg to differ, saying that any sport does that in the same way. However, other sports seemingly do not reach the level that you depend on your teammates with your life. You entrust your safety in them, have complete faith in them, and depend on them to bring back the trophy with you. I have not seen any other sport that compensates your other players in order to move the team forward. In other sports there may be star players, in cheerleading there are major players too, but case in point is, every single player in the routine is important. Each plays a unique part and is irreplaceable to some extent. This, my friends, is unique in cheerleading. So no, quit telling me that cheerleading is not a sport, when we as players train much harder and spend more hours of effort for that 3 - 5 minute routine on stage/mats." - Matthew

The most anticipated cheerleading event of the year had concluded and all the teams, players, coaches etc did a fantastic job. I would also like to thank the organisers SSC and of cos with the great help from FCS for the amazing event once again. Looking forward to the competition once again next year.

Check out the post by Matthew: 2nd BPoM April entry or here

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