Monday, March 5, 2012

Blog Post of the Month March '12

For BPoM March we have a total of 2 entries and they are:

1. Blogged by Winston and tagged by Ken
2. Blogged by Ochi

The winner for BPoM Mar'12 goes to the entry by Winston and tagged by Ken titled,"Coaching....nothing comes close!". Congratulations Winston and Ken, you have won yourselves the prize of $50.

Winston's Blog Post: Coaching....nothing comes close!

Comments by Chaang:

Winston is an example of new generation of cheerleading coaches in Singapore and strives to improve himself physically & mentally in order to help the team which he is coaching. Winston has countered a common saying that ''there is no ''i' in the team'''. I agree with him. There IS an ''i'' in every team and that is called ''individual'' responsibility. Taking responsibility of your own health, fitness and skills matters to your team. Because if you do not take responsibility for yourself, your problem will eventually become the team's problem. It is not fair for your team mates to pay for your lack of responsibility.

Being a coach definitely will enable you to be a better cheerleader. I will encourage all existing cheerleaders out there to start coaching. There is no such thing as '' I am too young/inexperienced'' to coach. Getting a very high level coaching cert alone does not make you a better coach. It does not teach you how to manage and create a winning team. It takes years of ''try and error'' and a ''never say die'' spirit to create a winning team. There is no point having a winning routine when you as the coach are unable to create a team that can achieve that objective. I have personally failed my IFC class one coaching course, but I have created a winning team for 3 consecutive seasons in IFC sanctioned competitions - just by learning from other cheerleaders and watching youtube. IT IS POSSIBLE! Never stop yourself from daring to try. Never stop yourself from picking yourself up after you fall. Never allow skeptics to deter you from starting. Anybody who plays you down is probably afraid of the potential that you possess to really change things. Have a genuine intention to benefit those around you, and you will definitely succeed.


Senior Vice- Chairman
Wildcards Cheerleading Team, Singapore"

Congratulations once again to Winston and Ken for winning $50

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