Saturday, November 5, 2011

Video of the Month November '11

For VoM's video of the Month November'11, we 9 entries. And they are:

1. Video by Clement tagged by Hann Bin
2. Video by Yirong
3. Video by Mun Chun
4. Video by Jiahui
5. Video by Jimmy and tagged by Wenjie
6. Video by Chew Long
7. Video by Ruth
8. Video by Jiahui
9. Video by Chew Long

A total of 9 entries in all and many really great videos. Once again you all had given me a hard time to choose the winner. Pardon me again if I kept you guys waiting for the winner of VoM November.

And so for the winner of the VoM November'11, we have.......

The video by Yirong on "Join Cheer".

Great job Yirong for reposting this up and to Spectrum for creating this video. A fantastic video to give a little glimpse of what cheerleading is about, with interviews by the captain and vice captain of Hall 13 Cheerleading Spectrum. To me cheerleading is all that was said in the video and much much more than words can ever describe. If you want to know what I mean, Join Cheer!!

Yirong you won yourself $50.

Continue to support VoM.

For those new to VoM, pls refer to this link: Video record, upload and tag to win $50 and more

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