Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Video of the Month January '11

Once again sorry for the wait. This month we have 7 VoM entries and this is one of the month that I really had a hard time to choose the winning entry. First of all, let's recap the 7 entries:

1. Video by Elvie Na
2. Video by Vincent tagged by Hann Bin
3. Video by Ruth
4. Video by Ruth and tagged by Ochi
5. Video by Weihan and tagged by Weicheng
6. Video by Chew Long
7. Video by Chew Long

The winner for VoM January, the first of year 2011 goes to.....

Elvie Na of KR Steppers for posting her video on their training for ATCI 2010.

I always had this thing about videos that documented the hard work, the endless trials of a team's journey before a competition; the success at the end of the day after countless failures. It is always sweet to have individual success (as a few videos showed this month), but it is always the success of the entire team that is the most meaningful to me, the common bonds that were built in the process, a memory that many shared together. This is what cheerleading is really about.

Elvie Na you won yourself $50.

Big thanks to everyone who had supported in 2010 and hope that many more will continue to support VoM in 2011. Really looking forward to even more awesome videos from everyone.

P.S: My leap of faith is rewarded.

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