Friday, September 18, 2009

Look a little further

They say that life is what you make of your own choices. Every desicion you make will get you ended up in a different scenario, situation. The bigger the choice is, the bigger will be the difference in the impact of decision.

Some people like to make decisions, some people like others to make decisions for them. We all belong somewhere in between the 2 extreme ends of the spectrum. We make some decisions and also allow others to decide for us at times. (The all too familiar "shui bian, anything, or up to you comes to mind")

Some people may be better off without a choice than with a choice; as they tend to make the "wrong choices" when they get to choose. For example in my JC days, when I am still studying triple science in year 1, I have very little free time in school, and I am given no choice but to cherish those times more and use it to study. But when I dropped 1 subject, hoping to get more time to cope with the others during school hours; instead of using my spare time to study, I make the "wrong" choice of playing soccer or go out of school. End up, I am better off with "less time" than with more.

There are also those who can really make full use of their choices and try to make their lives better. These are the people with aims, who know what they want; they usually know how to make the "right choices". Actually in my opinion, there are no right or wrong choices, just choices that get you to different scenarios and situations. You probably won't know if the decision is good for you, or if the other choice would have been be better, even till the day you die.

Ok, now regardless of whether you like to make decisions or not, and regardless of whether you make the right ones or not; are you indeed "controlling your own life"?

Usually in life you are presented with choices or decisions for you to make. But to what extend are we really "choosing" or "making the decision"? We often can only see what is placed in front of our eyes and not further. A diagram showing the chain of choices made:

Above is a very simplified choice diagram to illustrate my views. As you can see, my choice is very straight forward, just to go or not to go Thailand to support ACES. It was pretty much presented in front of me for me to make a decision. But am I really making a decision? my own decision? Of course I am making my own decision; that is what it seems. But do I really have a choice?

The answer is NO. In a very much simplified way to explain; My choice was actually presented to me because of a decision that NTU ACES made:- that is to go compete. And even NTU ACES choice was presented to them because of the decision by Thailand Cheer Association made:- that is to invite international teams. We shall just stop at 3 tier to illustrate my point. From a very layman view, I did make my own choice; but did I really had the choice of deciding the choice I want to make? (Starting to get confused?) Another diagram to sum it up:

(I am not too sure of all the party in charge for the selection of venue or renovation, but 1 thing for sure; they must be pretty big F***.)

So for example; for myself or ACES members, there is no training as there is no venue due to renovation. We have a choice of whether we want to go to the gym together or to train ourselves, or to do something else. Let's say we make the very wise choice of going to gym together for training, are we really "making that choice"? I think by now you do get my point.

The choices we have to make are often thrown to us in the face. But who is to decide why I need to make these choices. (Analogy: It can be something like a kidnapper asking you to make a choice between eating shit and drinking urine. Why do I even have to make this choice in the first place?) So to sum it up, it is not about whether you like to make decisions, or whether you make the right decisions; it is about whether you can create or decide your own choices to make.

Have you noticed that the higher up you are in the chain of decision, the more you can affect others. Now let's forget about the rationales and just assume some scenario. If you become the director of NTU board and you decide not to renovate SRC, NTU ACES Committee will not have to make the decision to stop training nor will the members be presented with a choice to make, it all ends when you decide not to renovate. If you look higher up the chain; if you become the president of IOC, and you decide not to have YOG, non of those down the chain will have to make a single decision.

So to sum it up, we should not always be only making decisions based on choices presented to us, instead try to climb up the chain, 1 level up at a time, and make the decisions that will present you with the choice that you want to make. For example if you are a member of ACES, try to get in the committee, be involved in the decision making process to cancel training, then make the decision to go train in the gym. In a similar way, try to climb the "tree" as high up as possible, and then even 1 fart you make will affect many.

Do not think making the choice; think creating your own choice to make.

P.S: We need to get more people up there. You think the people up there can do a cupie? Nah, but they can decide if more will.

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