Thursday, September 10, 2009


蓝球火Episode 8...

霹雳烽火狼队were having a meeting after watching a video match of their next opponents. They were discussing about the strength and weakness of the other team.

W: “不准你们轻敌哦!赫翼队看似普通,但是告诉你们越是这样的球队越要小心。”
W: “越是平凡的球队越要紧张。”

What this tells us is that the more the team looks ordinary, or normal, the more you have to be wary and cautious about them.

Sometimes a team may consist all of unknown or unheard of players, they may have no publicity, but this batch of humble players when put together into a team; and with their tireless, industrious productivity, is capable to defeat any all-star team out there.

P.S: 元大鹰:“你们不要瞧不起后捕板凳球员哦;通常他们才是真正的秘密武器。”

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