Monday, October 27, 2008

What you in it for?

I just watched a cheerleading documentary on University of Kentucky cheerleading (3 times). It shows a season ups and downs the team faced in a year. It started with their annual tryouts, training sessions, camp, retreat, football games, basketball games, and finally ends with their UCA competition finals. The show touched on some issues and difficulties which a team would face, which I can personally relate to. But more importantly, it gave us an idea of how the elites and really professional cheerleading teams work, their culture and methods. It gives ideas and directions which we can study and implement the relevant things that can apply to us, to help us grow and develop.

The cheerleaders in Kentucky all know their stuff, and from the video, I can see that they can train very independantly. The coach is acting more like a facilitator role, more of bringing out the best in everyone and keeping everything in check. He never has to worry about the stunts and technique of the bases and flyers, as they are all very well polished. The cheerleaders gave me a image of being very discipline, they look after themselves, and knows what it takes to be in the squad. Not only do they have to train hard, they have to balance their studies, or they will be kicked out of the squad.

If it is possible, it will be very good for everyone to catch this documentary show and see for yourself. I hope that teams in Singapore can develop a program too that can suit us to improve and do well. And as individuals, appreciate what we have and not take things for granted, have more discipline and train hard independantly. Everyone should think more maturedly, and act more professionally. I am not saying to take all the fun out of cheerleading, but if that is what it takes to be successful (Kentucky 16 years Champions), and if that is what you want, there is always a time for fun and a time to be focused. Think about what you want, do you only want to be playing around having fun all the time or do you want to make the best out of your time in the sport and have some achievements and acomplishments?

P.S: Do you want to do it for leisure, or do you want to do it for the victory? There is always a place for either.


thefly said...

well said, good read, but a lot of things are easily said and almost impossible to do. Elite teams have their woes and i suppose noob teams like us also have ours. End of the day i think the only thing that will eventually matters is the maturity of the people. Some might say wise words of tidings but only to harbor hidden agendas. but wateva the case i feel for all team sport the important is 2 words. TRAIN RESPONSIBLY, be it for the team or for ur own agenda.

*star* said...

Impossible to do is I M Possible to do.

So who are you refering to with hidden agendas?