Friday, October 17, 2008

100th Post

Our blog has been around for about 1 year and 3 mths. And finally this is our 100th post. Well there shall not be any elaborated "top 10 whatever" like in MDK, this blog is a simple blog. And i guess the best way to commemorate the 100th post is non other than just being simple, just like what this blog set out to be in the first place. 100 post ago and 100 post later, this blog shall remind the same, that is to share our experiences and passion for stunting.

Since the start up of this blog 1 year 3 months ago, we have grown and improved, and its nice to do through our experiences again from reading archives. From reading the archives, we can see how our thinking and beliefs changed in the past year. I guess as stunting improved, the mind improved too.

Ok, just to share with all some of my experience gained in the past couple of weeks. As you all know that I had been training physically and running quite a bit in the last 2 - 3 months. Haven really been able to train much of PS except the basic set of toss cupie, liberty tick tock and left cupie. No chance to try anything new, but can only revised on the old basics(Toss cupie which I first hit on July 2007, Left cupie first hit on January 2008 and Tick tock first hit on May 2008), due to the lack of training mates.

However, in the last few training sessions, I just discovered that I can actually do single base arabesque, something which I tried a few times b4 ages ago, but failed terribily. It just came out of the blue, like I unknowingly became equiped with that skill. Also there is this lying down and popping the flyer for 1 round on your palms drill, I also could not do it ever before, and in the last 2 days, I realised suddenly that I can do it. (It feels like in the matrix, they install the skill into your brain that sort of thing.) So how do I explain such sudden, "light of the bulb" phenomenom?

I guess its down to the basic physical conditioning that I have been doing, and also the basics. I am not a genius, and I wont say that, "oh I zai so suddenly just can do", it never happens like this for me. I was talking to Jiahao last night regarding a similar issue, that when you are injured, rest the injured part, but you can still make full use of the rest of the exercises you can do, unless you cannot even move out of bed. I am not injured, but it is the same sense, training your physical self is the most important, and you do not even have to do stunts, and then before you know it, you suddenly just up level. Basics also played a big part too, I have been training nothing fanciful, just my basics, and the results show.

Alright to sum it up, if due to injury, or lack of partner, etc, when you cannot do stunts, it will not go wrong if you do your own physical conditioning. Invest time to do that, someone told me investment on your ownself is never wrong. And never forget your basics, keep doing them.

P.S: How I wish I next can unknowilling do pop over.

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*star* said...

Was reading my past post and saw this post, where I wished I can unknowilling do a Pop Over.

In fact I did it, exactly 1 month after making that wish.

Ask and you shall recieve.