Tuesday, September 2, 2008


It has been about 2 weeks since I hired my personal trainer to train me. I have to say that she is indeed pushing me hard, and it is showing results. In the last 2 weeks, admist other trainings, I ran 10 rounds on the track TWICE, after about like 1 year of not running at all. Though this may be very little to alot of guys out there, but to me, it is indeed an achievement.

I have to say that my knee now hurts much less when I am doing stunts, it is most likely due to the strengthing of my leg muscles from the run. My legs used to be too weak for my body weight. The conditioning helps alot. Other then this, my endurance and strength also improve somewhat from all the weights training. My body feels new again, like it was re-born, pain start to go away and strength starts to gather.

Now with less pain coming from my knees, I can get more blast from it, and with more strength, I am able to stablise my stunts more.

Below is a little result from my physical training to keep me motivated to train even more. It shows hard work can indeed bring about improvements.

Full-Up Cupie Pop Over may not be that far away anymore...

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