Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lacking Pop Over?

I used to tell myself that I will only try Rewind after I master Full up, Full Around, Tick Tock and Pop Over. Now that I can do Full up, Full Around and Tick Tock, though not to mastery yet, I am left with Pop Over.

However, I want to reset my target. Even after mastering all 4 of these skills, I think I am still too WEAK to do Rewind. No doubt I can try, but I think I still need much more physical strength. I am still too weak. The learning curve is steep now, but it is slowly beginning to plateau. Its time to work hard, running on "flat ground", towards the "new slope". Lets hope I can finish the flat road as soon as possible.

My trainer said that my mind is weak. Give me the mental strength I need. First I have to master my mind first, before I can master my body.

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