Monday, June 9, 2008

A Spark

I think I am onto something new. I finally felt another part of my body muscle which I could not control before. I am now beginning to be able to control it and feel it bit by bit. Its just like the feeling when one fine day I was able to do single liberty, it just came out of the blue. But it was due to the many trainings before that and the body finally gets it, just like that.

Now i know how the gymnast are able to hold themselves stationary while doing handstand. The crux is the part of your body where when most people do handstand will stick out, the chest to the abs. How often when you do handstand and someone is telling you suck in your chest or suck in your tummy? I used to get that alot too, and I will always reply, "I did, I did." or "I tried, this is the max." This is because I was not able to control that part of my body muscles yet.

If when you do handstands and your hands feels tired very fast, you are probably not doing it correctly. With what I discovered, the body gets tired faster than the arms. You should be able to feel all of your weight at your body centre, somewhere in the middle of the heart and chest. I am not very pro at this yet, but finally I am able to control it a little. With lots more practice, I hope that I can get better.

This is going to be the key for me to improve on my stunting and strength control. And this is also the reason how come small size guys like the "idol" in Braves and Xiao Gao from Taiwan are able to stunt so well. Its all about maximising your body, with the right posture and control.

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wpsl said...

I cannot disagree with you. Handstand may seem too basic to all out there. But doing it well is not easy, even if I had practise for so long. I dare not say I am good at it. But the point is, mastering body control and distributing the strength evenly thoughout your body. Master it, master everything.