Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trainings (Team)

I have been in ACES for 5 years, and have been through different trainings together as a team in each year, under 5 different captains. I would say that none is perfect, but all has their merits. It is tough to be a captain, often being under the scrutiny of everyone, and never failed to be bad mouthed from time to time, especially when things go wrong. I would also like to give a little personal opinion on how I think a captain can plan and execute a training, and also how as members of the team to give support to the captain. (I never been a captain before so ignore me if you think I am not suited to give my opinions on this issue.)

Lets say you are a very fit person, and if you are the one planning and conducting the training, how will you plan it? Will you plan it such that everyone does what you can do, i.e you can run 2.4 in 8 mins, and you make everyone run that fast? or will you access the average standard of your teammates before you set a target pace? The answer is obvious, as a good leader or captain, you will plan the workout to tailor for everyone, to meet most people's standards, instead of setting one where only you can achieve.

As cheerleading is a team sport, we do out warm ups and trainings together, and because we do not have the luxury to impose a thing such as "if you cannot run 2.4 in 8 mins you are out" policy, trainings have to be tailored to the average. In such a system, there are bound to be those who feel that its too easy, not tough enough and its a waste of time; there are also bound to be those who struggled and feel that it is a tough training. Well it is hard to cater to everyone, and its easy to say all have to reach a equal standard, however the chain is as strong as the weakest link, no matter how strong the strongest is, it is of no use to the chain, therefore trainings should be tailored such as to help push the weaker ones up, while the stronger ones should help motivate, instead of feeling it is a waste of time. Try being in the shoes of the captain and you will understand.

In order to maintain discipline and harmony, no individual should do their own workout, but rather when doing the same workout, they can push themselves more when they run, jump higher or lift heavier weights. For example, If you complain that running is useless, that is because you never push yourself, or you think that you are too good already, or you do not even want to put in the effort. The same goes to all other workouts, not giving your max equals to a waste of time and energy. Changing the workout will not help if you are not going to put in your max anyway.

It is a never ending, or should I say on going process to find the optimum training workout, and it varies from time to time. As the captain, your job is to monitor your team mates and modify the workout here and there, from time to time to stay current with them physically, physiologically and psychologically, keep them interested with new variations at times. As team members, your job is to stay at your best all the time and do your utmost during the workout, listen and follow your captain and not to give unnecessary comments or jibs. If both parties does their job with due diligence, trainings will become more enjoyable.

I hope to see less tears being shed in future.


raraisbear said...

Generally, be it as a captain or president makes no difference. The end result is to improve the overall standard of the team and most importantly, protecting the club interest. Indeed all 5 of them did their part in at least one of the area and their efforts are recognized.

Well, people have different views towards captaincy and of course yours is right in your own way. How i wish you could have volunteered yourself to be the capt few years back. You might have done a good job since you know the mechanics so well.

*star* said...

Everyone has a part to play to improve the overall standard of the team and protect the club interest.

It did cross my mind before, but I guess "tian shi di li ren he" has to be there. I was not even in the comm during my 2nd year and the most probable year for me to become capt,(yr 3), you were the capt, no one voted for me as well. So the best person gets the job.

wpsl said...

I guess star was just voicing out his honest opinions. Whoever the captain was, he/she has somehow contributed his/her fair bit to ACES. Everyone has their shortcomings and strengths. There is no hard rule saying what exactly a captain has to do, but the minimal is to lead by example always, IMHO.