Monday, May 5, 2008

X-Skills Intermediate - Introduction

Dear Cheerleaders,

X-Skills Intermediate lists the Intermediate Partner Stunting skills for cheerleaders who passed the Basic Course. The skills in this booklet introduces some new stunts and simple transitions. Transition skills help to link up between stunts and add flow to a partner stunt routine. At this stage, cheerleaders are more aware of themselves. Therefore it is not that crucial to have a passing score, before one can proceed to Advance skills.

However it is still advisible to still use this as a reference before moving on to Advance skills. This Intermediate course aims to instill creativity in partner stunting. Do not limit yourself to the scope of this course, try coming up with new stunts yourself.

For questions and live demonstration, kindly approach X-Wonder during training times.
For video demonstration of the skills, go to:

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