Monday, May 12, 2008


Can you write your name on a paper after you have ran 10km?
Can you eat a cup noodles after you swim 5km?
Can you shit after you cycled 20km?

I bet for most the answer is a YES, well at least for me it is.

Liberty Tick Tock is something I just acquire recently, in training just now, the first 2 times I tried doing tick tock was perfect. Even I cannot really believe it, because I thought the first few tries will fail. Then I stopped doing and continued with routine training, and at the end of the training I was exhausted, just like I will after running, swimming or cycling. I tried doing tick tock again, both times I tried and both times failed, I did not even have the energy to get one last good one for the day.

I shall train harder, till the day I can do Liberty Tick Tock even when I am tired and exhausted. Till it can become like writing on a paper, eating a cup noodle and shitting, which is anytime, even when one is tired. In other words, to train till I can do it with EASE.


Gforce said...

yeah man. Aft training is the best part to train a partner stunt. =)

*star* said...

just hope that i still have the strength after training.