Friday, February 29, 2008

Annoymous Comments

With the advent of the internet, with information over flowing, and all the technology allowing people to chat, post or leave comments, arises a new type of phenomenom - "Internet War"

Nowadays, people like to argue, or shoot each other through blogs, tagboards, now even public domians such as online papers. It became a great avenue for cowards to hide behind a nickname and say things without any credibility or accountability. I personally feel that the internet is a good place for exchange of knowledge and information, but sometimes it can be misused for the wrong reasons. When you want to make a statement, pls be accountable for it.

Our dear friend YT93 has came back again, after months of inactivity. I would really appreciate it if you can back whatever you want to say. I am very willing to share and discuss with you on the topic you posted, so long as you are willing to be acountable for what you say. We are all humans, there is nothing to hide.

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