Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summing up VoM & BPoM

2 years and 4 months, had passed since the first VoM winner was announced on April 2010, then followed by the first BPoM winner announced on July 2010. In the period we had received lots of support from cheerleaders and cheerleading teams, so please allow us to thank everyone for your support in the past 2+ years!

Allow me to provide our score card for VoM and BPoM:

Video of the month (VoM) sponsored by me:

Date of inception: 05 March 2010
Total number of VoM entries: 158
Total amount of cash given out: $ 1,868
Total number of individuals who have received this award: >28 (including those who tagged)
Total number of teams whose cheerleaders have participated in this award: 13

Blog Post of the Month (BPoM) sponsored by Mr. Lee Chaang Ru:

Date of inception: 31 May 2010
Total number of VoM entries: 69
Total amount of cash given out: $ 1,728
Total number of individuals who have received this award: 20
Total number of teams whose cheerleaders have participated in this award: 10

A total of $3,596 cash prizes had been given out for VoM and BPoM. We hope that the cash prizes given out have benefited our cheerleaders in one way or another!

We had a great run during this period, where I personally got to meet many new faces and also new teams. I felt it was still a great initiation in Singapore cheerleading scene. I do hope to see more individuals coming out with new initiatives to encourage and boost the cheer scene more (great example is by Ochi who did his 5 rep challenge). Singapore cheerleading scene needs more collaborative efforts and support for each other. One who does not support will never get support.

For me it was a sad decision to make, to stop VoM totally, on XWonder 6th Anniversary (05 August 2012). Today marks another transition of my life. Whilst VoM and BPoM had been able to reach out to many cheerleaders out there, there are still some pockets of the market that we cannot reach out to, plus everyday new cheerleaders come onto the scene that do not get to know about VoM and BPoM. Yes we do still have new cheerleaders participating in the contest, eg. Jeric who just won the last BPoM, but we felt that the reach is still not far and fast enough.

I still have a dream in cheerleading that I had not fulfill, but I know I will get there one day. I will continue to give back to cheerleading even though VoM had came to an end at the moment. I will think of other ways. For now I shall put XWondercheer aside for the moment while I fight on other fronts to help cheerleading. Something great which I felt will make a big difference for every cheerleader in future. You can read about it in depth in my next post, the last and concluding post.

Words by Chaang:

While Xingwei and I continue to be supportive of the local cheerleading scene, we have come to a unanimous decision to temporarily cease giving out cash prizes until further notice.

The original intention of staring this VOM and BPOM collaboration were due to 2 reasons:
1) To path the way for Singapore's first ever cheerleading scholarship
2) To reward young and deserving cheerleaders continuously for their passion and commitment to the sport.

Xingwei and I have been working very hard to achieve both (1) and (2) over the past 2 years. However, we have noticed that VOM and BPOM is no longer to keep up with its modus operandi : which is to continuously reach out to the younger generation of cheerleaders in Singapore.

As such, we have decided to continue to save up (yes we really believe in giving back to the cheerleading society) until we are able to think of a better idea as to how we can achieve the said agenda.


Senior Vice- Chairman
Wildcards Cheerleading Team, Singapore

Mobile: +65 9783 4702
Address: 170 Ghim Moh Rd, #01-01, Singapore 279621
Website :"

We would like to hear from you. If you have any ideas on how we can build on our existing template to achieve the intention (1) and (2) that Chaang had pointed out, do write to us!


Until then, both of us will continue to be cheering for cheerleaders in every way possible. We believe everybody can make a difference. We believe your ideas can too!

If it had become a habit for you all to tag me on Facebook, pls do continue even though there will be no prizes now. At least I will definitely share the video and post with all my friends on Facebook. =)

P.S: This will be the 2nd last post on XWondercheer. It had been a great 6 years together with all cheerleaders who had followed us and seen us grown over the years. Snow and I will not have lasted so long without your support. Thank you.

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