Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blog Post of the Month February '12

For BPoM February we have a total of 1 entries and it is:

1. Blogged by Ochi and tagged by Gary

The winner for BPoM Feb'12 goes to the 1 and only entry by Ochi titled,"Its not just about winning rather having passion.", and tagged by Gary. Congratulations Ochi, you have won yourself BPoM as a author and not as a "tagger" haha; for the prize of $50.

Ochi's Blog Post: Its not just about winning rather having passion.

Comments by Chaang:

Sometimes it is really wonderful on how you can link cheerleading to so many things. Ochi linked cheerleading to his passion for playing tennis and was able to discover for himself what went wrong for him previously.

My favorite sentence of this month's BPOM winner will be ''Its okay to possess the regret of lossing but never the regret of not trying hard enough.''

As to how one would quantify ''trying hard enough'', I would probably liken it to performing at the fullest of your potential; and not giving yourself 1001 excuses on why you failed to succeed.

And I am somebody who believe that the day you run out of excuses for your failure, is the day you will succeed.

PS: We would like to remind all bloggers who intends to register for BPOM to highlight the source of any quotes you may use in your blog post.


Vice- Chairman
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Congratulations once again to Ochi and Gary for winning $50

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