Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time for myself

Had a good session yesterday. It has been really quite sometime since I really trained; not just stunting around, but trained. The last time should be way b4 Cheerobics.

Had been pretty stress with work these days, work piling up like a mountain. And after work had been helping Snow with her report too. It is hard to find time to train these days, very long never go to the gym, can feel that I am getting weaker. Well I try to put all these down to "post cheerobics syndrome", where everyone takes a break from cheer for a while; even though I did not take part in Cheerobics, but I very much feel the same as previous years.

I'd better find more time to train, or I will just be stagnant forever. I have to treasure what I have and can still do now, before I cannot do it anymore. For now I just want to train, and nothing else, its time to be focused. Talking is free; lets do it instead.

P.S: What you want have to be hard earned, if you did work harder than everyone else, no one can deny you from what you deserved. Nothing is free, do not expect it to fall from the sky.

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